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2018 NDN Baseball Key Dates

Waxahachie Baseball Dates to Remember ● Dec. 15th FanWare Delivered to players ● Jan. 16th Player Tryout Meeting @ 3:50 Freshman Cafeteria ● Jan. 18th Parent Meeting @ 6:30 Freshman Cafeteria (not for students) ● Jan. 26th 1st Day of

Ennis Freshman Tourney Schedule

2018 Red Oak Freshman Tourney Schedule

Thursday March. 1 10:00 Red Oak vs Midlothian 12:15 Palmer vs Midlothian 2:30 Waxahachie vs Corsicana 4:45 Ennis vs Duncanville 7:00 Red Oak vs Duncanville Friday March. 2 10:00 Red Oak vs Palmer 12:15 Corsicana vs Palmer 2:30 Midlothian vs

2018 Red Oak JV Tourney Schedule

Thursday March. 8 10:00 Waxahachie vs Corsicana 12:15 Ennis vs Corsicana 2:30 Waxahachie vs Blooming Grove (V) 4:45 Blooming Grove (V) vs Red Oak 7:00 Red Oak Vs Ennis Friday March. 9 10:00 Red Oak vs Corsicana 12:15 Corsicana vs

2018 Ennis JV Tourney Schedule

2018 Corsicana Varsity Tourney Schedule

Thursday March 8th 9:00 Waxahachie vs Robinson 11:15 Red Oak vs Forney 1:30 Red Oak vs North Forney 3:45 Corsicana vs Tyler Lee 6:00 Corsicana vs North Forney Friday March 9th 9:00 Red Oak vs Robinson 11:15 Tyler Lee vs

2018 Varsity Tyler Rose City Classic

Finis Turner Memorial Freshman Tourney Schedule

Thursday March 8th  ,2018 Waxahachie vs. Ennis 10:00 Forney vs.  Mansfield        12:00 Waxahachie vs. Forney       2:00 Duncanville vs. Summit       4:00 Red Oak vs. Duncanville      6:00 Red Oak vs. Legacy             8:00 Friday March 9th , 2018 Waxahachie vs.