Finis Turner Memorial Freshman Tourney Schedule

Thursday March 8th  ,2018

Waxahachie vs. Ennis 10:00

Forney vs.  Mansfield        12:00

Waxahachie vs. Forney       2:00

Duncanville vs. Summit       4:00

Red Oak vs. Duncanville      6:00

Red Oak vs. Legacy             8:00

Friday March 9th , 2018

Waxahachie vs. Mansfield   10:00

Ennis vs. Mansfield         12:00

Forney vs.  Ennis                   2:00

Duncanville vs. Legacy          4:00

Legacy vs. Summit                 6:00

Summit vs. Red Oak              8:00

Saturday March 10th,  2018

Pool A 4th vs.  Pool B 4th        10:00

Pool A 3rd vs.  Pool B 3rd              12:00

Pool A 2nd vs.  Pool B 2nd          2:00

Pool A 1st vs. Pool B 1st         4:00

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Key Turner Memorial JV Tourney Schedule

Thursday February  22nd

Waxahachie vs North Forney            10:00

Corsicana vs Midway                  12:00

Waxahachie vs Midway                    2:00

Colleyville Heritage vs Red Oak       4:00

Colleyville Heritage vs Midlothian    6:00

Ennis vs Red Oak                      8:00

Friday February 23rd

Waxahachie vs Corsicana           10:00

Corsicana vs North Forney       12:00

Midway vs North Forney          2:00

Colleyville Heritage vs Ennis       4:00

Ennis vs Midlothian              6:00

Midlothian vs Red Oak                 8:00

Saturday February 24th  2018

Pool A 4th    vs.  Pool B 4th                     10:00

Pool A 3rd    vs.  Pool B 3rd                               12:00

Pool A 2nd    vs.  Pool B 2nd                 2:00

Pool A 1st   vs. Pool B 1st. 4:00

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2018 Dulin Memorial Tournament Schedule

Robert Dulin Tournament Game Schedule

Thursday March 1st  ,2018

Waxahachie vs.  Trinity             10:00

Trinity             vs.  Duncanville       12:00

Duncanville    vs.  Corsicana           2:00

Corsicana      vs. Birdville            4:00

Birdville         vs. Bryant (ARK)     6:00

Waxahachie vs. Bryant (ARK)        8:00

Friday March 2nd , 2018

Duncanville   vs. Birdville                 10:00

Duncanville   vs. Waxahachie       12:00

Birdville         vs. Trinity                  2:00

Trinity            vs.  Bryant (ARK)         4:00

Corsicana      vs.  Bryant(ARK)          6:00

Waxahachie   vs.  Corsicana          8:00

Saturday March 3rd  2018

Bryant (ARK)   vs.  Duncanville     10:00

Corsicana        vs.  Trinity                12:00

Waxahachie     vs. Birdville            2:00

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2018 NDN Freshman Baseball Schedule

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2018 NDN Baseball JV Schedule

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2018 NDN Baseball Varsity Schedule

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2017 NDN Toy Drive

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NDN Baseball Parents

Baseball: All parents need to join Adam Miller’s remind 101

Baseball: Varsity and JV Baseball parents 81010 text @988fgf to join Remind 101

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FanWare Orders & Spike Info

2017 Indian Baseball:FanWare orders and  $ due Friday. Spike $ also due Friday $68 All checks need to made out to RBI club.

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Indian Baseball FanWare

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